Every day in the EU consumers unknowingly purchase cosmetics that have not been subjected to the LEGALLY REQUIRED safety tests!

Cosmetics sellers, including the full range of soap and/or bath & body products, need to have product safety assessments in place before they can legally be placed on the market.

If you are a consumer that prefers artisan (handmade) cosmetics, then you need to be aware of the Cosmetics Regulations!

If you are an events organiser or market manager, then you need to be aware of the Cosmetics Regulations!

People who are very aware of the Cosmetics Regulations are those crafters who have gone to great lengths to ensure that they comply with them, and, your local Trading Standards office.

Trading Standards (UK) and equivalents in other countries are responsible for enforcing the Cosmetics Regulations in the EU. Not surprisingly, artisan cosmetics are very popular. Made in line with good manufacturing guidelines, artisan products stand out due to their superior quality and properties.

When you buy from a compliant artisan crafter you are usually supporting someone who is self-employed or a small, local business with high ethical and environmental standards.

When you buy from someone whose products do not comply with the Cosmetics Regulations you are damaging the ethical trader mentioned above!

Do you really want to own and use, or buy as presents, cosmetics that should not be on the market in the first place? What we are asking you to do is begin asking a simple question of sellers, before purchasing any handmade cosmetics:

“Do you hold safety assessments for these products?”

You can also go a step further and ask event’s organisers and market managers what checks they have undertaken to ensure that you can only purchase compliant products at their venues?

Event’s organisers and market managers should already have taken steps to ensure that they are only allowing compliant crafters to sell from their venues.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence that not all do, even in a small number of cases where they are aware that they should be doing so!

Brief case study:

It was recently discovered that a local authorities street markets department had allowed a non-compliant seller to use a council run market stall. The situation was corrected when a complaint was submitted to the local Trading Standards office. The Trading Standards team reminded their colleagues of the need to vet sellers and offered them ongoing training and guidance.


• Information on the Cosmetics Regulations: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/ sectors/cosmetics/legislation_en

• Find your local Trading Standards office: https://www.gov.uk/find-localtrading-standards-office – reports to Trading Standards offices can be submitted anonymously

• The Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers: https://gcstm.co.uk/ – the Guild is a peer support network whose members are required to prove that they hold product safety assessments before being allowed to join.

Taylor's Savonnerie is a member of the Guild

You can rest assured that all products sold on this site have been assessed as safe for cosmetic use.